Amazon to Invest in Video, Autonomous Cars, CEO Says


Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the supply chain crisis has seen Amazon ordering things “significantly earlier” than it used to to try and ensure timely deliveries, he said in a big interview with the Bloomberg Technology Summit in San Francisco, a report said Wednesday (June 8).

He said the company wasn’t resting on its laurels, either.

According to Jassy, Amazon would be keep investing in big bets, despite the slowing growth and sales with the current economic conditions.

Some of the big bets include building a grocery chain, rolling out a cluster of internet-beam satellites, Alexa software and Zoox, the company’s autonomous taxi company.

And Jassy said he was optimistic about the future of the company’s streaming business. He said he was “incredibly encouraged” about what was coming for Prime Video, including a new TV show set in the “Lord of the Rings” universe.

And he said there would be some assets from the acquisition of MGM that “will go very well with what we’re doing entertainment-wise.”

All of this comes as Amazon is challenging the result of a union vote in which workers at its Staten Island warehouse decided to unionized.

The group did fail at a second vote at a smaller facility — but the eCommerce giant is seeing efforts from various unions across the country, who have said Amazon is shirking worker safety in favor of “punishing productivity goals.”

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Amazon has also recently put out a Brand Protection Report, which says the company will be focused on seller and product vetting, increased automated brand protection tools, fighting counterfeiting and supporting customers.

Dharmesh Mehta, vice president, worldwide selling partner services, said the idea was to keep customer trust, so the company wanted to make “a trustworthy shopping experience.”

“Our customers expect that when they purchase an item in our store, sold either by Amazon or by one of our third-party selling partners, they will receive an authentic product,” said Mehta.



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