Andrew Bolt: China is a country ‘run by gangsters’


Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the world has just been given a “frightening reminder” China is a country “run by gangsters” following a prisoner swap the communist superpower conducted with Canada.

Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the boss of the telecommunications giant Huawei, was arrested three years ago in Canada because she was wanted by the United States for alleged fraud.

Mr Bolt said China arrested and imprisoned two Canadians in response and “falsely accused them of being spies”.

“But last week Canada and the US finally gave in,” Mr Bolt said.

“They came up with some legal funny business, an excuse to free Meng Wanzhou, without a trial, not with her present at any rate, and she returned to China to a hero’s welcome, choreographed by the Chinese dictatorship.

“Then China having won, as a reward to Canada and the US released its Canadian hostages.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with Griffith University Asia Institute Industry Fellow Rowan Callick.