Apple in talks with suppliers, huge improvements to iPhone 14 selfie camera rumored

A few months ago, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared that the iPhone 14 would probably have a better front-facing camera. Now, a new report from the same analyst provides more insight on which companies will manufacture the iPhone 14’s new front snapper.

As Ming-Chi Kuo shared in a blog post, Sony will supply the camera sensors for the new iPhone, and Genius and Largan will provide the lenses. Alps and Luxshare will supply the new focus module, and for the front-facing camera module, Apple will use Cowell and the South Korean company LG Innotek.

This will be the first time for the South Korean company to take part in the production of the iPhone’s front snapper. Previously, LG Innotek only supplied Cupertino with rear-facing cameras, but after reportedly being unhappy with the quality of parts from its usual Chinese camera suppliers, Apple decided to use the South Korean company for the front-facing shooter as well.

As for what we can expect from the iPhone 14’s selfie camera, rumors say it will be the biggest upgrade for the iPhone’s front-facing snapper in years.

It will probably have autofocus, which should result in improved video and photo quality. Furthermore, the front camera on the Phone 14 will have a larger f/1.9 aperture rather than the f/2.2 aperture used in iPhones since iPhone 11.

For those of us who are not camera gurus, the aperture is the opening that controls the amount of light that comes through the lens, and a smaller f-number means a bigger diameter and more light reaching the sensor. A smaller aperture means that the Phone 14’s front camera will let more light through, improving low-light performance, and giving us a slightly shallow depth of field to achieve natural bokeh, if using Portrait Mode is not your thing.