Augmented intelligence to boost doctors and patients


The work of the AMA focuses on improving public health, helping physicians with patient care. The talk, titled “AI, Digital Health and the Future of Patient Care,“ presented the vision of the AMA for the future of medicine and medical education. 

According to Mukkamala, advancing digital health could achieve better patient outcomes, lower costs, and add to the well-being of clinicians.

Advancing virtual healthcare

To achieve this, the new technology that’s developed needs to focus on at least one of the goals among five listed by Mukkamala: centered on patients, better connectivity, “seamless data exchange,” getting real-time information at the point of care, and leveraging the expertise of the physicians.  

In his presentation, Mukkamala shared that the area which currently drives the enthusiasm of physicians for digital technology to be ‘tele-visits.’

To further expand upon this, in 2017, the AMA founded Health2047, a Silicon Valley-based development company that looks to use the experience of physicians in the design and commercialization of novel health care tech. Partnerships with companies that potentially alter diagnostic technologies for diseases like pre-diabetes and obesity is one area of focus.