Battle League Update Adds Daisy and More


The first free content update for Mario Strikers: Battle League is on the way, and it’s bringing with it some fan-favorite characters and other additions to the game. Nintendo revealed this week in a trailer showcasing the first update that the patch landing on July 21st will add Daisy as well as Shy Guy to the roster. Daisy has been a pick many have been requesting since the game launched, so everything after that is just extra to those Daisy fans with more updates still coming later in the year, Nintendo said.

The trailer in question for the first big Mario Strikers: Battle League update can be seen below courtesy of Nintendo. It opens first with Daisy’s arrival while showing off her stats which prioritize technique with speed being her lowest trait. Describing her playstyle, the trailer referred to her as a technical character who “won’t get knocked down.”

Joining Daisy on the field is Shy Guy, another popular character who seems to make an appearance in any kind of Mario game like this that has an expanded roster. Shy Guy is a much more all-around character with every single stat either at a 12 or a 13 out of 25.

Also being added with this update is a new set of Knight gear that players can equip. We only saw a preview of the helmet, but judging from the stats shown, it looks like the cumbersome Knight gear will trade out speed and related stats for things like strength and shooting. Nintendo will also be adding the Desert Run stadium with this update.

If your favorite Mario character isn’t yet in Mario Strikers: Battle League even after this update, there’s still a chance that’ll happen. Nintendo followed up its announcement from this week by saying that there will be two more updates releasing this year. This update has apparently set a precedent for what’s to come, too, given that the next ones will contain more of the same.

“Good news, Strikers! There are two more free updates arriving before the end of 2022,” Nintendo said in a follow-up tweet. “Look forward to additional characters, gear, and stadiums!”

Mario Strikers: Battle League’s first free content update will be released on July 21st.