Brief tornado does damage northeast of Farmington Saturday


ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. –  The National Weather Service in St. Louis confirmed that a brief, weak tornado touched down northeast of Farmington, Missouri, at 10:50 a.m. Saturday.

It was rated an EF-0 based on the damage it caused and was on the ground for about three minutes.

A damage survey indicated that the tornado touched down just to the west of Turley Mill Road, damaging cedar trees along the road.  

Shingles were torn off the roof of a home on the east side of Turley Mill Road. As it moved southeast, the tornado uprooting a large walnut tree and destroyed a swing set, sending pieces into a nearby pond.

There was damage to a fence and roof of another home along Lober Farm Road. Several large tree limbs were downed along part of Quail Run Road, before the tornado lifted as it approached state route EE.

An EF-0 tornado is estimated to have had winds of 65-85 m.p.h.

St. Francois County Emergency Management office assisted the NWS with the storm survey.

Note: This story has been corrected. The NWS now identifies the street where the tornado touched down as Turley Mill Road, not Turkey Mill as they originally reported.