CBP Issues Update on Enterprise Small Business and Enterprise Business Management and Support Services Requirements


The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is providing interested vendors the following information regarding the Enterprise Small Business (ESB) and Enterprise Business Management and Support Services (EBMSS) requirements.

The ESB procurement is being competed among qualified small businesses in the General Services Administration (GSA) E-Buy system.  ESB has two (2) requirement tracks: professional services that will deliver defined mission requirements to provide effective and cost-efficient support (program management support, acquisition support, acquisition lifecycle planning, cost estimation) and emerging technology and proof of concept support to maximize the benefit of startup communities and unique expertise in the development of emerging technology proof of concepts.  The work ordered under ESB will be of moderate size and complexity i.e., single technology, limited number of users, localized to CBP, limited geographic coverage and support requirements, and support non-mission-critical or operationally critical systems. The government expects awards under this BPA to have defined capacities leveraging existing processes and procedures and with defined and specific expertise with appropriate risk for both government and small business communities.

For the upcoming unrestricted competitive procurement for EBMSS 2.0., industry engagement for EBMSS 2.0 is tentatively planned for Spring 2023. It is anticipated that the EBMSS 2.0 requirement will have two (2) areas of mission need:  Professional Services where reach back and broad experience across Government and Industry is highly beneficial (e.g., program stand-up, integration across CBP offices, analysis, and initiation of new policy or a highly dynamic and need for rapid scaling – Title 42 impacts, OAW, SW Border Crisis).  Secondly, there will be a Mission and Enterprise Integration area that will reduce operational risk of many integrators and meet large scale needs and complexity of mission.  A proof of concept would have already been deemed successful and would be deployed across the mission or enterprise platform. Please monitor the Acquisition Planning and Forecasting System (APFS) for more information regarding EBMSS 2.0.

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