Celebrities and public figures mourn the devastation caused by the wildfires in Turkey – Celebrity


Turkey witnessed massive devastation along its southern coast when large forest fires sprung up in several areas. Photos of ravaged forests and reports of deaths have captured people’s attention around the world. Celebrities — including Pakistan’s very own — have taken to social media to mourn the disaster.

Four people were reported dead and more than 180 were injured by the fires that spread across the Mediterranean resort regions on the southern coast of Turkey on Thursday. An investigation was also launched into suspicions that the forest fires were the result of arson.

Many celebrities and public figures took to social media to lament the havoc caused by the fires and to send well-wishes to the people of Turkey in these difficult times.

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter to show his support. He said, “We stand with the government and people of Turkey and share in their sorrow at the tragic loss of life in the wildfires tragedy. Pakistan stands ready to offer any help that the Turkish government and people may need at this difficult time.”

Feroze Khan

Actor Feroze Khan posted “We stand with the people of Turkey” on his Instagram Story.

Alyzeh Gabol

Model and actor Alyzeh Gabol also took to Instagram Stories and expressed her sorrow over the wildfires in Turkey.

Fatima Bhutto

Writer Fatima Bhutto shared a picture of the fires and expressed her despair at the news.

Areeba Habib

Actor Areeba Habib shared a post that asked people to “pray for Turkey” in these difficult times.

Bella Hadid

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid posted a message on Instagram and said, “This is so unbearably sad. I am praying for the land and beings of Turkey. I love Turkey so much.”

Maria B

Designer Maria B also expressed sadness at the devastation caused by the fires and sent prayers for the people of Turkey.

Our heart goes out to the people of Turkey as they deal with this devastation.