Cleanup continues in Mt. Carmel after tornado | News


The National Weather Service determined Friday that it was an E-F2 tornado that swept through Keensburg and Mt. Carmel before dissipating in Indiana. 

The storm lasted roughly 26 miles, uprooting numerous trees, snapping dozens of power poles, and damaging several unsuspecting homes.

Some residents in Wabash County had just enough time to get to shelter, with the warning sirens blaring only moments before the storm hit.

However, everyone in the storm’s path came out with their lives.

“We are very blessed. We had no fatalities and we had several injuries; 6 to 7 unconfirmed,” says Mt. Carmel Mayor Joe Judge.

Residents were out almost immediately after the storm to assess damage and begin the cleanup process. Helping one another out as they went.

“Mt. Carmel is a very tight knit community. Neighbors help neighbors all the time,” Mayor Judge tells 44News. 

Throughout much of the city, limbs have already been gathered, cut, and placed on the side of the road for pickup.

For those without homeowners insurance, Mayor Judge says there are crews willing to help get your yard cleaned off. 

The city also has shelters in place for those with damaged homes.

“The American Red Cross, they can help you with shelter right now at Parkview Christian Church. They also can help you out with a hotel room for the night or two while you go through your home,” Mayor Judge says.

Starting Monday, Mayor Judge says the city dump is accepting storm debris from Mt. Carmel residents at no charge.