College Football alliance questions answered! How will it affect ESPN and Fox? Will the alliance halt Playoff expansion? – The Athletic


On Friday, The Athletic reported that the Pac-12, Big Ten and ACC will be officially announcing an alliance, as soon as next week. The specifics about what “an alliance” entails have yet to be revealed, but Nicole Auerbach reports that it extends beyond scheduling, as these schools align on academics, Olympic sports and much more.

Of course, Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC is the jumping-off point for all these discussions. It’s been a wild offseason for college football. As the wheels keep turning and the dominoes fall, Auerbach and Stewart Mandel took your questions in a Live Q&A. Here are some thoughts, some answers, and, perhaps, some more questions to the questions you asked about the next phase of realignment.

Will the ACC anger its network — ESPN — by aligning with two Fox conferences? Will CBS or NBC be interested in bidding on expanded Playoff games? — Ron E.