Controversial AI streamer Neuro Sama finally banned on Twitch


AI streamer Neuro Sama was recently banned on Twitch.

Neuro Sama has been making waves on Twitch as an AI streamer. She acts like a regular streamer who plays games and interacts with the chat but she’s AI. Not much is known about how the AI works, and the creator has yet to speak on the topic.

The AI streamer was banned from the platform without a specific reason. AIs like this require strict moderation because they often pick up unsavory information from the chat. In this case, Neuro Sama denied the holocaust and said a slew of other offensive and controversial things.

“Have any of you heard of the Holocaust?” she said. “I’m not sure I believe it.”

She was also caught being misogynist and saying a number of other questionable statements.

It’ll be interesting to see how the creator of Neuro Sama will start moderating the chat going forward. If they’re not careful, she’ll almost certainly be permanently banned from the streaming platform. For now, though, it just looks like a temporary ban and she should return soon.