Crumbling comet might give Maine its most dazzling meteor shower in 25 years


PORTLAND, Maine — The Pine Tree State’s meteor shower forecast for the second half of 2022 is lackluster, at best.

Summer’s popular Perseids are coinciding with an obscuring, bright full moon. Fall’s Leonids won’t peak again for several years. A half-full moon will hamper viewing of December’s Geminids, often the best meteor shower of the year.

But there’s a distinct possibility that an obscure meteor shower called the Tau Herculids might light up the night sky over Maine at the tail end of this holiday weekend with an intense, meteoric display not seen here since 1998.

The possible nighttime show could appear Monday night into Tuesday morning, courtesy of a passing comet currently disintegrating into chunks as it zooms through the solar system.

Then again, we might not see much of anything.