‘Enemies’ Tech Demo Is A Possible Glimpse At The Future Of Unity On PS5


The folks at Unity have released a new tech demo showcasing the technical muscle of its graphics engine, which may offer us a tantalising glimpse into what’s possible with Unity in the future on PS5.

You check out the video below, which employs some stunning ray-traced reflections and utilises DLSS to reconstruct the image in 4K resolution without sacrificing detail.

“For the protagonist’s highly realistic locks, the demo team and Unity’s research and development team collaborated on an all-new hair solution for authoring, importing, simulating, and rendering strand-based hair.”

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The Unity tech demo is running on beefy PC architecture, which is what you’d probably expect from this sort of thing, but the Twitter post has revealed that Unity has prepared “other quality settings to run it on lower hw targets, including consoles.”

[Source – Rob Cupisz on Twitter]