EPRI, Georgia Power Open Innovative Research Center to Advance Emerging Technologies for Repurposing Coal Ash


PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), in collaboration with Georgia Power and Southern Company, announced the opening of the Ash Beneficial Use Center at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen. The center will allow for testing and validation of emerging, pilot-scale technologies for repurposing coal combustion products (CCPs), which include coal ash.

The center will work with technology developers to provide third-party evaluations and cost profiles of emerging technologies. Repurposing coal ash stored in landfills and ash ponds presents the potential for long-term economic and environmental benefits.  

“Developing cost-effective technologies to recycle coal ash is an important aspect of the clean energy transition,” said Neva Espinoza, EPRI vice president of energy supply and low-carbon resources. “This unique research center provides an opportunity for utilities, researchers, and vendors to collaborate and advance technologies from benchtop to commercial operation.” 

“As a part of our ash pond closure efforts, Georgia Power is always looking for opportunities to reuse coal ash that are not only beneficial to our customers, but for our communities and environment as well,” said Dr. Mark Berry, vice president of environmental and natural resources for Georgia Power. “The Ash Beneficial Use Center is paving the way for the latest coal ash technologies to be used productively. We hope to eventually see closed ash ponds and landfills become resources as new and improved uses are developed and proven through this center.”

CCPs, particularly fly ash, are commonly used as a cement replacement. Emerging technologies may allow CCPs to replace mined virgin materials in a wide range of products, such as tiles, zeolites, and plastics. Early-stage, independent evaluations of these technologies, including feedstock specifications and operational experience, are key to understanding technical feasibility and cost.

EPRI is seeking technologies for evaluation at the Ash Beneficial Use Center. The Center will host pilot-scale demonstrations in one of two outdoor technology test bays. The center provides access to a range of CCPs, including an onsite testing laboratory, along with expertise in beneficial use technology development and power plant operations. The Center’s evaluation of pilot technologies will focus on monitoring test bay inputs and outputs (CCP, energy, water, waste), enabling technology developers to retain control of their intellectual property.

The Ash Beneficial Use Center is a natural progression in EPRI’s decades-long research and development on CCP beneficial use. For more information on demonstration opportunities at the Ash Beneficial Use Center, please contact us.

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