Game-changing VR experience in Hyderabad- The New Indian Express


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HYDERABAD :  Gaming has come a long way from eight-bit cartridge games to now virtual reality (VR), which is has made its way into the city. Hyderabad now has unique cafes and studios that offer VR games, which enhance the sensory experience to derive the most out of gaming. These offer motion sensors for those game-changing moments, making the overall experience realistic and fun.

It’s not just gaming; people can experience their fantasies too. For instance, one can walk with animated beings or walk on a plank between the tall skyscrapers of Manhattan. They can choose to be in a desert, climb a hill or get into a car race, the possibilities are endless. 

“VR is a relatively old technology. The launch of Google Cardboard five years ago was not a hit as the screen of smartphone is not as good as the original inbuilt screen of a VR headset,” says Gaurav Mehta, a techie who is a VR game addict now. “I was into hardcore PC gaming since I was a teenager. VR is definitely a game-changer. Since the whole thing is very expensive, I’ve spent a lot lately and I am now also planning to buy my own VR kit.” 

Satish Chandra, the CEO of the VR Game Cafe at Kondapur, says the VR experience they offer is unlike any other as they use the most hi-tech technology in the world to offer the 100 most tech-notch VR games that are available to mankind now. “Our VR kits trigger three senses — visual, audio and motion — and it is hard to make sure that one is experiencing reality or virtual reality,” says Satish.

Besides this, the gaming cafe serves all kinds of adrenaline-boosting beverages such as coffee. “One can also play any sport they like without having to go to a stadium. We offer all the games that require high-end graphics and system configurations. We have everything permitted to offer in the sensory virtual world so that one who visits us is not bored. The price range for a VR gameplay starts from Rs 250 for 15 minutes and is up to Rs 600 per hour,” he says. 

The Edge Gaming Lounge at Kukatpally also offers a virtual-reality gaming experience that is quite akin to the real world. “We have trekking games, people can also experience a spooky world, besides hi-end games. If you don’t want to go play sports outside, you can come to us. Every device is sanitised after every usage,” says a employee at the gaming lounge.