Google Weather widgets on Android 12 updated: More sizes


Just before the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro event last week, the latest Google app beta introduced Material You weather widgets on Android 12. Google has now updated the widgets with more size configurations and an hourly forecast. 

The 3×3 widget, which is still named “Weather” and lacks a description, now defaults to 4×2 in the preview page. That size (or 5×2) gets you a four-hour forecast and a condition summary, while “More on” is unfortunately shown at the very bottom. 

You can shrink it back down to a square to get just the current temperature and high/low, as well as the current location in the top-right. This particular update makes the widget much more info-dense and practical. 

Meanwhile, the diagonal pill can now be expanded horizontally to become a landscape pill that includes high/low in addition to the large temp digits and condition icon. The max configuration is quite large. There’s also the option to shrink down into a 3×1 oval where the items appear side-by-side rather than overlapped. It’s now much more practical to use this widget.

The Material You weather widgets were first introduced with Google app 12.41 and this update is available with the 12.42 beta. Google released a slew of widgets in the lead up to Android 12’s launch and is now making various functional refinements. That said, brand new ones are still set to arrive for Gmail, YouTube Music, and Google Drive.

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