GSEO, Calin Tech gearing up for AR/VR, automotive products


Taiwan-based optical lens module makers Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) and Calin Technology have stepped up their deployments in the AR/VR and automotive sectors, according to industry sources.

GSEO has disclosed that it will strive to develop new products for the next-generation AR/MR head-mounted devices launched by a US-based client shortly. However, shipments of lens modules for handset applications will continue to account for 70% of its revenues in 2022.

According to industry sources, GSEO will likely optimize its related pancake and Fresnel lenses manufacturing technology to develop lens module products for the planned AR/MR devices.

GSEO has disclosed that it posted revenue of NT$1.946 billion (US$66.16 million) for July, up 68.91% on month and 18.1% on year. For January-July sales, revenue totaled NT$8.202 billion, increasing 21.49% from a year earlier.

GSEO expects its sales to remain robust in August and September as the third quarter is traditionally a peak season.

Meanwhile, fellow company Calin has continued to deepen its deployments in the automotive lens sector. According to industry sources, Calin has been shipping autonomous driving lenses to a number of automakers in Europe and the US.

In 2022, Calin said it will continue solidifying its position in the automotive application market while striving to develop multiple lens products for security surveillance, autonomous driving, and wearable products.

Calin has reported revenue of NT$111 million for July, down 5.69% on year. For January-July sales, revenue totaled NT$679 million, decreasing 34.18% from a year earlier.