Halo Infinite New Campaign Gameplay Footage Coming Before Launch


Although Halo Infinite just had a multiplayer technical test a few weeks back, some fans have been eagerly waiting to see more of what the campaign will look like. Developer 343 Industries first showed off footage from the campaign for Infinite back in 2020, but since that time, we have yet to see more of what the story-driven aspect of the first-person shooter will look like. Fortunately, that lack of campaign footage will be changing in the coming months.

In a new update video from 343 Industries, it was confirmed that the studio is planning to reveal more of the campaign from Halo Infinite as the game approaches its launch later this holiday season. 343 said that it knows that fans are eager to see more of what the campaign will have in store and it’s very much planning to feed that appetite with more trailers and gameplay showcases in the next few month. For now, though, the studio is said to be knee-deep in “shut down” mode, which is essentially 343’s name for the polish and bug fixing stage of development.

“Everybody wants to see campaign, especially campaign gameplay. We will absolutely show campaign gameplay before launch,” said 343’s creative lead Joseph Staten on this often-asked topic. “But we just need to stay focused on shut down mode. Once we get past that hurdle, we’re going to be going after things like gameplay capture and trailers that will all be coming closer to launch.”

For now, the biggest question surrounding Halo Infinite comes with when that launch will be. At the time, 343 only continues to say that the latest entry in the series will arrive at some point this holiday season. When it does come about, it will releasing for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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