Halo Infinite’s mid-season update will include ‘multiple campaign improvements’


343 Industries has revealed early details about Halo Infinite’s mid-season patch, including plans for several campaign improvements.

The update is currently going through the certification process and “tracking towards” a release this Thursday, February 24, although its launch date has yet to be confirmed.

“Whether it’s addressing issues with Achievements unlocking or returning to the game via Quick Resume, the team has been working on a handful of fixes for campaign since launch and there will be more on the way,” 343 said.

Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Season 1 Cinematic Intro

First-person animations like clambering and reloading, which have been prone to some framerate issues, should also run more smoothly following the patch.

343 said the update will increase the range of the Motion Tracker in Big Team Battle from 18m to 24m based on “consistent” community feedback.

The patch will include multiple improvements to 343’s anti-cheat systems and promises some general stability and performance improvements on PC and console too.

The first footage of what appears to be Halo Infinite’s delayed Forge mode was published online last week, showing maps with altered weather effects and more.

Earlier this month, 343 said it needed additional time before it could publicly announce plans for new Halo Infinite content, including its seasonal roadmap and launch details for campaign co-op and Forge, which were previously expected to be confirmed in January.