Hong Kong warning on typhoon Nesat that battered Philippines: 5 points | World News


Hong Kong issued No 3 warning signal on Monday as typhoon Nesat intensified over the past few hours. Nesat is expected to be closest to the city during the day, Hong Kong’s weather forecaster said. The alert was upgraded from a No 1 warning signal issued on Sunday as Nesat battered Philippines.

Here are five points on typhoon Nesat as it nears Hong Kong:

1. Hong Kong weather agency warned that owing to the combined effect of typhoon Nesat and the northeast monsoon, winds were expected to strengthen gradually over Hong Kong.

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2. The weather agency also warned that there would be swells at the sea advising residents to stay away from the shoreline.

3. Kindergarten classes and schools for children with physical and intellectual disabilities were suspended in Hong Kong.

4. Typhoon Nesat is estimated to be about 390km southeast of Hong Kong and then move west-southwest at about 15km/h across South China Sea.

5. Typhoon Nesat made landfall in northern Philippines bringing heavy rainfall that submerged villages and farmlands.