Idaho Falls and surrounding areas seeing increase in traffic due to Yellowstone shut down


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – Idaho Falls and surrounding area residents may be impacted by a high amounts of tourism due to Yellowstone National Park shutting down.

The inability to enter the park has caused tourists coming from all over the world to change their plans.

The Eastern Idaho Visitor’s Center has been gaining significantly more traction since the shut down. Staff has been referring these guests and tourists to other options around the region.

Hotels in the area have also experienced major impact.

This time of year is particularly busy for hotels in the area. Several rooms in various hotels were full before the shut down, and now most places are completely booked out.

The Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce is working hard with hotel and visitors center staff to ensure guests are being taken care of and finding activities to fill their time.

They hope to still give the visitors a great experience of Eastern Idaho.

The park shut down all entrances on Monday after roads were destroyed from flooding.