iPhone 12 price cut makes it as cheap as iPhone SE 3! Check the deal


The iPhone 12 price cut on Croma makes it as affordable as the recently launched iPhone SE 3. Yes, you read that right. Know how to get this deal.

A month ago, Apple introduced the iPhone SE 3 priced at just Rs. 43,900! It is the cheapest iPhone among the lot launched in 2021-2022. However, if an Apple iPhone is your next choice in smartphones, then know that you can get one of the most in-demand iPhones at the price of the new iPhone SE 3. We are referring to the iPhone 12 here. You can also apply several tricks to make the discount bigger! Wondering how?

Croma has announced the ‘Smartphone Fest’ offering a great deal on a wide range of smartphones. Under the sale, the iPhone 12 can be purchased at an affordable price as low as the iPhone SE 3. But you need to do something specific. To simplify the deal, we have explained the whole iPhone 12 price cut deal.