Jackson County moves towards high-speed internet connection



JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — In an attempt to improve Jackson County’s economic growth, community development, and overall technological progress, Jackson County Commissioners have been working to get broadband in the area since 2015.

The board approved a partnership with a broadband supplier called, “The P3 Group.”

The high-speed internet connection will be at no cost to the county, and commissioners said once installed, the strong connection will help in many areas.

“We’ve got areas in the county, if a deputy goes, he’s out of radio contact, or out of phone contact. Once we get the fiber optic cable laid, you can go stick a tower anywhere,” said Jackson County Board of Commissioners Chairman, Jim Peacock.

He said this faster and better connection will help students complete schoolwork from their school-provided tablets and allow even more people to work from home.

He said the county could expect full installation within the next three years.