John DeLorean’s Daughter Isn’t Happy About The New Alpha5


“@deloreanmotorcompany Is not John DeLorean’s Company. DMC is not 40 years old, and not associated with the DeLorean Family, or my father’s ongoing legacy. Please stop lying and stop speaking about John now, he despised you,” DeLorean Seymour said in her post.

Her Instagram bio lists an entirely different website, with an entirely different name and online domain than the DeLorean Motor Company. On it, you’ll find renders of another futuristic-looking DeLorean, one that looks much more like the famed DMC-12. Like the original car, it features the DMC-12’s trademark gullwing doors, turbofan wheels, and a two-seat layout. There’s also a “Flux Capacitor” sitting at the rear of the cabin, just like the Back To The Future time machine.