June’s Strawberry Moon – Sky & Telescope



Jon Greif

Location of Photo:

La Jolla, CA, USA

Date/Time of photo:

June 14, 2022, at 11:30 pm PDT


Takahashi FSQ-85ED with 1.01 Flattener, ZWO ASI533MC Pro imaging camera, Optolong L-Pro filter, ZWO 30 mm guide scope, ZWO ASI290MM mini guide camera, Rainbow Astro RST-135 mount, ZWO ASIAIR Plus controller and capture software, and Pixinsight 1.8.9 processing software on a Macbook Pro.


Last night’s Strawberry Supermoon at about 11:30 pm, just as the clouds moved in along the coast. The full moon was at its closest point to the Earth for this orbit at 4:24 p.m. PDT yesterday afternoon, and was close enough to be considered a Supermoon, making it the second one of 2022. As the lowest full moon of 2022, it reached only 23.3 degrees above the horizon, and it looked very low in the sky — upstairs window level at our house! Image is a stack of forty-five 0.01 sec exposures at Unity gain through my 85 mm Takahashi refractor.