Large wildfire breaks out in forest near Jerusalem

A large wildfire, spreading across 10 hectares (24.7 acres) has broke out in a forest near Shoersh, a moshav on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Tuesday.8 firefighting planes, a helicopter and 24 crews of the Fire and Rescue services were rushed to the scene in attempt to control the wildfire. In addition, 2 firefighting planes are on standby.Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services released a statement on Tuesday afternoon stating the wildfire is approaching a nearby gas station, as Border Police officers evacuate residents and sightseers in the area.Israel Police chiefs are currently meeting to assess the situation at the Jerusalem District Police station.Highway 1, which connects Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is blocked from Sha’ar Hagai interchange heading east and Hemed interchange heading west, as the wildfire remains uncontrolled. Drivers are requested to avoid Highway 1 and nearby roads.Israel entered a massive heat wave on Monday morning which is expected to last until Sunday of next week. Israel Meteorological Service has predicted unseasonably hot conditions in mountainous regions last week.Magen David Adom has published a short guide on ways of surviving the heat, preventing heatstroke and dehydration.

This is a developing story.