Look up in the sky. You might hit the meteor shower jackpot


(WWJ) – This Memorial Day weekend Metro Detroiters will be treated to a show in the sky.

The Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 comet – also known as SW3 – is going to give us something a little different from reliable annual meteor showers like the Perseid and Geminid. SW3 is what’s known as a crumbling comet and it is expected to be visible in Michigan on Monday, May 30 as it crumbles in the Earth’s orbit.

Mike Murray of the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City, joining WWJ’s Erin Vee on this week’s edition of “All Over the Space,” says while annual showers bring 60-100 meteors per hour, there could be several hundred meteors or more Monday night.

Murray calls it “the meteor shower jackpot.”

Murray talks about what makes this nighttime show different from most meteor showers, and why it’s happening now.

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