Lucky Daye Talks Touring, Afro-Futurism Not Being R&B’s Savior


When you produce quality R&B music in today’s current landscape, you’re tasked with the job of preserving and progressing the entire genre. Singer Lucky Daye has been asked to carry that mantle since he bounded onto the scene in 2018 with the release of his top ten Billboard hit “Roll Some Mo.”

With the release of each EP and then his debut album Painted, Daye has proven he might be up for the challenge. But with his latest project, Candydrip, it’s clear that Daye wants to be known for more than just R&B. 

“I try not to be categorized in just one genre,” Daye tells ESSENCE. “The music I make really blurs the lines of many different influences. My take on R&B is modern and genre-defying. My creative vision is very important to me, and I want to see it the whole way through.”

Daye is certain that his fans, who he calls the most loyal, will ride along wherever his music and creativity take him. 

On Candydrip, that journey is powered by Afro-futurism. The project is rooted in ancient African traditions and Black identity but sonically, Daye says, the music represents an imagining of a brighter, sci-fi world. 

Daye, a native of New Orleans, says the album pays homage to his hometown as well. 

“Usually, New Orleans is associated with its past. I understand why, but we movin forward too, and my vision is to embrace and celebrate what’s yet to be written.”

In the future of his own career, Daye, who’s worked with the artists like Babyface, Yebba, and Smino says he would love to create with Stevie Wonder, SZA, Kendrick, Cole, and Adele

“That’d be the dream. I choose my collaborators carefully with artists I look up to respect and feel like I can make the best music with.”

The attention to detail in his craft has earned Daye two Grammy nominations this year, bringing his career nomination total to six. To celebrate the occasion, Daye has partnered with Grey Goose. 

“This year feels extra special because I performed an acoustic set for the Monday Mix content series and got to talk with iconic stylist Law Roach about how my personal style influences my music,” Daye says. “Outside of the partnership, I also look forward to this year’s awards because it’s always an incredible vibe and energy to be in a room filled with other artists celebrating. I’m most excited to be surrounded by all of the other nominees to recognize our hard work that we’ve all put in over the past year, which we all know hasn’t been easy.”

This year though, with COVID numbers on the decline, (for now), Daye is going out on tour with Candydrip. He’s released two projects since his last run and he’s eager to get back out on the road. 

“Even just talking about tour has me so excited! I’m looking forward to my fans hearing this music in person,” he says. “I performed some of my new stuff for my Monday Mix set with Grey Goose. This performance was more stripped down than my typical tour show. The Monday Mix performance will give fans a taste of what to expect on tour, and I’m hyped for them to see it.”

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