Meteorologist Rich Thomas Says Tornado Deaths in Montgomery County Are Rare



Bluewater Radio Chief Meteorologist Rich Thomas says that while tornadoes hit Alabama regularly, it’s rare that they cause deaths in Montgomery County.

The EF-2 tornado that hit the Flatwood community just after 3AM Wednesday killed 8-year-old Cedarrius Tell and his mother, 39-year-old Chiquita Broadnax, when a tree fell on their home. His father Cedric Tell had to be rescued and taken to a hospital for emergency surgery.

Thomas recalls other tornadoes that caused fatalities in Montgomery County. He says the worst on record was on February 12, 1945, when an EF-3 tornado killed 26 people and injured about 300 others in the Chisholm community in the city of Montgomery.

During his long TV and radio career in Montgomery, Thomas remembers a tornado that hit on May 3, 1984, which killed five people near the Northern Boulevard.

More recently, two tornadoes hit on March 6, 1996, which destroyed the tower at WCOV Fox 20 and caused damage to the former WAKA CBS 8 studios on Eastern Boulevard. That storm killed two people in a mobile home on the east side of the county.