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More details emerge about Sunday’s meteor that blazed across the Texas sky


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Shortly after 9 pm, reports started lighting up social media about a fireball seen streaking across the Texas sky. Those reports came from all over Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, near Carney’s Pub in Bryan, along with several locations in the Brazos Valley.

213 accounts of the Texas fireball were reported to the American Meteor Society, officially listing the event as 4002-2021. Four of those reports were from Bremond, Burton, and Madisonville.

Monday, NASA and the American Meteor Society released additional details about Sunday’s blazing streak of light:

  • The fireball traveled at a speed of more than 52,000 mph
  • The firey streak lasted about 4 seconds
  • The fireball occurred at a height of 53 miles above the ground, falling down to about 34.5 miles
  • This was likely NOT part of the Perseids Meteor Shower because it was not traveling in the same direction and was going too “slow”
  • The “slow” speed suggests it was a small piece of an asteroid
  • The fireball was at least as bright as a quarter moon, which translates to something bigger than 6 inches in diameter with a weight of 10 pounds
  • It is estimated to have fragmented 27 miles above U.S. 82, east of Avery, Texas

Have video from Sunday night’s meteor shooting past your security camera? Feel free to upload and share them here.

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