More storms possible Wednesday for southern Wisconsin, nice fall weather to follow | Weather


27 Storm Track meteorologist Max Tsaparis forecasts scattered showers developing late morning to early afternoon Wednesday, and isolated showers possible Thursday night into Friday.

Tsaparis said highs for Madison Tuesday through Monday should be near 66, 68, 70, 62, 59, 64 and 67, and overnight lows around 53, 53, 52, 43, 42 and 42.

Monday’s high in Madison was 67 at 4:02 p.m., 5 degrees above the normal high and 17 degrees below the record high of 84 for Oct. 11, set in 1928.

Monday’s low in Madison was 60 at 12:15 p.m., 18 degrees above the normal low and 37 degrees above the record low of 23 for Oct. 11, set in 1967 and 1987.

Fueled by strong winds and blizzard conditions in the Rockies, the season’s first snowstorm will spread its precipitation throughout the region.

This month has been the warmest October on record through the first 11 days for both Madison and Milwaukee. Madison’s average temperature has been 66.9 compared to a normal of 53.7, while Milwaukee’s average temperature has been 68.6 compared to a normal of 56.8.

Officially, 0.45 inches of precipitation was recorded at the Dane County Regional Airport on Monday, boosting Madison’s October total to 1.04 inches, 0.02 inches above normal. For meteorological fall (September through November), Madison now has received 3.38 inches of precipitation (rain plus snow converted to liquid), 1.07 inches below normal. For the year, Madison has received 19.97 inches of precipitation, 11.56 inches below normal.