Mutalk is a wireless microphone that covers your entire mouth


Sometimes a new product looks a little silly; that’s just a fact. And there’s nothing wrong with functionality and form over stylish and fashion-conscious. This makes the reveal of the new Mutalk device an interesting case because it does look silly (and sure, that’s a subjective take), but it’s presented to look like this cool thing you can wear and cover your mouth with.

What is it? The Mutalk is a wireless Bluetooth microphone you wear as a mask to dampen the sound and cover your lips so no one can hear or tell what you’re saying. You can see it in action in the video above.

The privacy side of the Mutalk makes it a device for smartphones and PCs, where sensitive conversations can happen anywhere. Plus, VR headsets, and if the picture below the headline is to be believed when gaming online too. There’s also the benefit of not disturbing those near you or your neighbors. Regarding high-frequency noise reduction, the Mutalk can muffle the sound by around -30 decibels.

Conducting a conference call in a quiet office or open space such as a cafe can cause annoyance to those around you and may lead to information leakage. Also, when you are doing voice chat in the Metaverse or online games, you often end up shouting when things get heated up, but even in such situations, you do not want to disturb your family or neighbors.

For those worried about sharing a Mutalk with someone, the “mouth pad” is removable alongside a “moisture absorbing cushion” designed to catch all salivae that might splash around. Gross. It might do all of this stuff that makes sense on paper but looks incredibly silly in person. Case in point, the Mutalk paired with a Meta Quest 2. I mean, take a look.


Enough said. The Mutalk is on track for a 2023 release in the U.S.