New Images of Warzone Pacific Map Revealed ‘Caldera’


Check out these gorgeous images of the new Warzone Pacific map – Caldera!

Ever since the reveal of Vanguard, we’ve been eagerly awaiting more images of the new Warzone Pacific map. This is the first major map to release since Warzone first dropped over a year and a half ago, so it’s a big deal.

What’s more, Warzone Pacific is coming with Ricochet’s powerful anti-cheat software, which should fix the biggest issue with the battle royale right now!

Warzone Pacific Map Beach


That said, new reports indicate that Vanguard’s kernel-level anti-cheat is leaking to cheat providers already. We’ll have to hope that the software is good enough to still fix the cheating situation at launch.

And have no fear, Warzone fans! It appears that Rebirth Island isn’t leaving when Warzone Pacific arrives after all!

Warzone Pacific Map – Caldera New Images Revealed

In a new blog post, Activision is revealing a lot of new, beautiful images of the Warzone Pacific map – Caldera.

it appears that the map isn’t only a tropical paradise, it’s also a varied and spectacular battleground. It’ll definitely be nice to get some variety after Verdansk is gone for good!

And don’t forget – you can get early access to Warzone’s Pacific map here!

Warzone Pacific Map Mountain


Warzone players can expect sandy beaches, island villages, a mountain region and more with the release date of Warzone’s Pacific map – Caldera.

What’s more, it seems that a game mode featuring only Vanguard weapons will be making its way to the battle royale too. However, players will be able to enjoy standard battle royale featuring over 150 weapons soon enough.

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Warzone Pacific Map Village


You can also see new images of Warzone Pacific’s planes in action here!

Already, it’s looking as though Vanguard weapons have a major problem in Warzone!

Warzone Pacific Map Operators


However, you can already unlock 2 Vanguard weapons in Warzone today and see how they perform in the meta.

We’ve done some testing on whether or not the Vanguard guns are overpowered so far!

(Source: Activision)

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