Nottingham Forest Mobile Home Park ‘95% Destroyed’ By Tornado


The EF-3 tornado that ripped through Gaylord caused significant destruction along its path.

Leaving cars crushed and some even flipped over—like a truck just outside of Culvers.

Buildings in that same plaza didn’t do much better. The back of Hobby Lobby was completely ripped open.

First responders searched through all the debris and were often looking for their own neighbors.

“We were searching for places where we knew the occupants,” said Gaylord Police Chief Frank Claeys. “We were calling them out by name to see if they were still in their damaged homes.”

One of the areas hit hardest by the storm, Nottingham Forest Mobile Home Park, where state police say two people died.

“Out of the mobile home park there, there is probably 95% destruction,” said Otsego County Fire Chief Chris Martin.

“It’s hard to put into words the destruction this tornado did here at Nottingham Forest,” said 9&10’s Xavier Hershovitz from the mobile home park. “These are people’s homes completely and utterly destroyed (with) their personal belongings spread all over.”

The Gaylord National Weather Service (NWS) says Michigan averages about 15 tornadoes a year.

“More of those are down state than they are up to the north,” said Gaylord NWS science and operations officer John Boris. “So it is pretty unusual for up here.”

So unusual, Gaylord doesn’t even have tornado sirens.

“What we have is code red, code red is tied in to the National Weather Service so when they issue a warning to all cellular devices nearby,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll.

It’s a community– already working towards rebuilding….

“From the second the rain stopped falling, the community was out looking to help out and pitch in,” said Chief Claeys.