Oklahoma wild weather over past couple days leaves wake of damage in its path


OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – Oklahoma wild weather over the past couple days left a wake of damage in its path as severe storms moved across the state.

Many people that live in Central Oklahoma woke up Wednesday morning to the sound of tornado sirens after a tornado warning was issued in Canadian and Oklahoma counties. But it all started Tuesday evening as the storms barreled through the state.

“That weather doesn’t have any mercy,” said G.W. Householder, a Clinton resident who spoke on the weather damaging the town’s airport. “Mother Nature will get you.”

Boats damaged at Lake Hefner.

Roofs were ripped off and pickup trucks flipped over in Mustang, boats and kayaks were tossed around on Lake Hefner and massive damage was reported at Clinton’s airport as Oklahoma wild weather wreaked havoc from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning.

“The weather don’t care about life. It’s like a freight train. It’s doesn’t care if it runs over you,” Householder said.

It all kicked off in the southwest portion of the state near Snyder.

“OK there it is, there it is. There it is,” said KFOR storm chaser Marc Dillard Tuesday night in Snyder as he chased the storms. “Funnel, funnel on the ground.”

A tornado near Snyder.
A tornado near Snyder. – KFOR

Dillard would chase the mammoth as it spun for miles. He said he originally thought the storms would fizzle out. However, they only ramped up.

“It quickly wrapped around to the west side of Frederick,” Dillard said. “They immediately dumped a tornado warning on it.”

Over 60 miles north of there in Clinton there was some destruction. City officials said 28 of 29 hangars at the Clinton airport were damaged or destroyed.

“Just this site alone is almost $7 million of damage counting the building and the equipment that’s inside,” said Mike Galloway with Emergency Management.

Some said they’re thankful their belongings escaped without damage.

“It’s a miracle that the two motor homes in there – one belongs to a doctor and one belongs to us – and they don’t look like they have a scratch on it,” said Carolyn Schumacher, an owner of a hangar at the Clinton airport.

Clinton Regional Airport
Clinton Regional Airport damage – KFOR

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. As everyone slept, the sirens sounded off for a tornado warning in the metro.

“We were woken up about 5:05-5:10 to lots of loud noises, things hitting the house, things hitting the windows,” said Brandee Yates, whose home was damaged by the storms in Mustang.

Yates’s roof had a hole in it and her pickup truck was flipped on its side.

“I can’t believe that it was strong enough to pick up the truck,” Yates said.

As the sun rose, damage could be seen near NW 10th Street and Villa Avenue. A brick wall crumbled, and a massive tree was snapped in half. At the OKC Golf and Country Club, a downed power line sparked a small fire at the fitness center as everyone got a little dose of some abnormal October weather in Oklahoma.

“So far, October has seen more tornadoes than we did last spring,” said KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan. “To have 20 tornadoes in October, that is unusual.”

You can report storm damage at damage.ok.gov. Information collected here will help local and state authorities understand locations impacted by disaster. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management will contact you if they need more information about your damage and to give you information about resources available to you for recovery.