Over 90 vehicles reported stolen since January 1


DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton Police Department has responded to dozens of reports of people having their vehicles stolen since the beginning of the year.

On January 11, it was made known that 91 vehicle thefts have been reported stolen. Officials are saying they believe juveniles to be committing most of the thefts in the area.

According to authorities, some vehicles that were stolen did have the keys inside of the vehicle and some of the vehicles were already running.

Dayton Police say 67 cars have been stolen from Monday, Jan. 2 to Sunday, Jan. 8.

Kia’s and Hyundai’s have been targets to a lot of car thefts after a TikTok video in 2022 demonstrated a way for people to steal them. Authorities said most of the cars stolen in 2023 have been returned.

Police provided a few preventative tips you can take to prevent the theft of your vehicle:

  • Purchase brake and steering wheel mobilizers
  • Park your vehicle in lit, visible areas

Dayton Police are taking steps to catch the thieves as quickly as possible.

Dayton Police Lieutenant Randy Beane says, “We do have some license plate readers in our cruisers, which we use those, along with a lot of information sharing between us and other agencies, figuring out the times when these cars are being stolen, what locations are being recovered at, and relaying that information to our officers.”

“We’re saturating these areas looking for these cars.”

Police say some of the suspected thieves are as young as 12-years-old, making it is a safety risk for the juvenile and your vehicle.