People are lavishing praise on this fan-made Whiterun map for Halo Infinite


Skyrim has broken containment. No longer content with releasing multiple times on every platform under the sun, Bethesda’s opus is now bleeding into other games. At least, that’s my understanding after checking out an incredibly detailed recreation of Skyrim’s Whiterun created in Halo: Infinite’s Forge mode. Finally, you can load up a rocket launcher and show Nazeem what you really think of the Cloud District.

Spotted by Rebs Gaming (opens in new tab), the map was made by a creator called Bullet2thehead9, or Ethan Hibbs if you want to be formal. Hibbs has recreated Jarl Balgruuf’s domain in exacting detail. The Gildergreen tree dominates the town square, the streets twist and turn just how you remember, and a statue of Talos looms in the centre. I’m not sure Talos wore UNSC Marine (opens in new tab) armour in the established Elder Scrolls lore, though. Maybe that’s in C0DA (opens in new tab)