Phenomenal images taken of 2021’s best comet that’s passing Earth now


Sky-watchers around the world will be able to see Comet Leonard safely pass by Earth in a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.


Comet Leonard or C/2021 A1 was first discovered in January 2021 by astronomer and research specialist Gregory J. Leonard. The comet has been making a 35,000-year journey towards the Sun and will soon be making its closest approach to Earth on December 13. After Leonard makes passes Earth, it will make its closest approach with Venus on December 18.

During the two aforementioned dates is the best time to view Leonard, which will be found just below the Bigger Dipper constellation and the star Arcturus. It’s recommended that if you are planning on viewing Leonard, to come equipped with a decent pair of binoculars as the comet will be difficult to locate depending on weather conditions and visibility from your location. The below images were captured by photographers based in the UK and Texas.

Phenomenal images taken of 2021's best comet that's passing Earth now 01 |

Will Leverett from Llano County, Texas

Phenomenal images taken of 2021's best comet that's passing Earth now 02 |

James Billings in the U.K.

Jak Connor

Jak Connor

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