Physicist Claims Aliens Could Be Lurking Around White Dwarf Stars in Milky Way


A professor of astronomy and physics at the University of California Los Angeles has co-authored a new study that suggests that intelligent alien life might be existing on Dyson Spheres circling the white dwarf stars in the Milky Way. White dwarfs are what are left behind when a star uses up all its hydrogen fuel.

As per the new paper, the research around extra-terrestrial life should focus on this region and the human civilisation might just hit one of the most momentous discoveries in the history of man-kind. Dyson Spheres are artificial construction around stars to harness their energy. The concept was named after Freeman Dyson, a famous physicist who germinated it in 1960.

Although imagined as a solid sphere with full solar coverage initially, the idea could not find strong grounds due to stability issues. It is because it will be close to impossible to keep the source of the energy, the star, at the centre, following which, the sphere would disintegrate due to extreme rotational and tidal stresses.

As a result, the Dyson Sphere is imagined to be a collection of rings or a partially completed sphere of small patches affixed to the host star. According to Zuckerman, these spheres will leak traces of their existence by changing the infrared signature of the star, allowing anyone seeking them to locate them.

Based on this aspect of the Dyson Sphere, Zuckerman is scanning different white dwarfs and is looking for anomalous infrared signals. In addition, Zuckerman also suggests that if extraterrestrial life exists and creates these mega, energy-producing structures, then they will do it around their home stars.

“If any Dyson spheres do exist, they will likely be hard to find because there are so many stars that must be searched. The signal from the Dyson sphere will likely be very faint compared to the star about which it orbits,” Zuckerman said, in an email to Live Science.


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