Reclamation District crews reach levee repair goal at the Bradley Break


Work continues to repair levees damaged during New Year’s Eve storm

Work continues to repair levees damaged during New Year’s Eve storm


SACRAMENTO – Reclamation District officials say they’ve reached their goal of 10-feet of protection in their levee repair work after the New Year’s storm.

Sacramento County confirmed on Wednesday that there were 11 different breaches, 10 along the Cosumnes River and one along the Mokelumne River. A breach means water spilled out from the waterway. It could be a boil or it could be overtopping, while a break is a clear cut in a levee or berm.

The county has not given us the status of each of these breaches.    

CBS13 has learned nine different farmers own land along the stretch of the Cosumnes River.  We do not know the extent of these repairs.

One of the major breaks was at the end of Bradley Ranch Road in Wilton. Work has been feverishly underway to fix the 2,000-foot break, including into Wednesday as the rain arrived.

By Wednesday afternoon, crews had gotten to 8 feet. They’ve been aiming for 10 feet of protection.

“We have all the equipment we need up here and we’re trying to work with FEMA and DWR and Tell them the problems we have,” said Leland Schneider with the Reclamation District 800.

The district is spending $1.5 million on this project alone – with their budget being just $500,000. Schneider said they have had to borrow money to help keep this community safe.

Early Thursday morning, Schneider told CBS13 that crews had achieved the goal of 10-feet of protection.