Record-Breaking Heatwaves, Fatal Hurricanes And Drought-Ridden Rivers


Record-breaking heatwaves, fatal hurricanes, and ominous hunger stones emerging from drought-ridden rivers, this week was another reminder that the climate crisis requires immediate action to avoid extremely dire consequences. 

As a media platform, Lovin Malta feels that it cannot keep looking away from the increasingly intense climate crisis. 

With that in mind, Lovin Malta will cover what’s happening around the world right now with the climate crisis nearing a point of no return. 

Here are the top stories highlighting the harsh reality of the climate crisis. 

1. Malta exceeds 40°C as post-storm heat returns with a record-breaking vengeance 

Last week, a yellow warning was issued in Malta as humidity pushed up the apparent temperature to 40°C as the country continues to face major heat waves.

2. Megaflood now twice as likely to hit California, experts warn

While droughts may be a major concern, climate change is also increasing the risk of floods that could submerge cities and displace millions of people across California. 

It says that an extreme monthlong storm could bring feet of rain – in some places, more than 100 inches – to the state. Each degree of global warming is dramatically increasing the odds of it happening. 

3. Seven were killed as hurricane-force winds hit Corsica and Italy

Violent thunderstorms with winds of up to 139mph struck the Mediterranean island of Corsica and parts of Italy, killing seven people and leaving at least a dozen more injured.

4. Extreme heat belt currently forming in Texas 

Researchers are warning about a future “extreme heat belt” likely forming in the USA during the next 30 years that would stretch from Texas to Wisconsin.

5. Ominous hunger stones reappear as German and Czech rivers hit by historic drought

Historic droughts are hitting Europe hard. As water levels around the continent continue to significantly drop, “horrifying Hunger Stones” in Germany and Czechia are suddenly reappearing… and they’re as bad as they sound.

Dating as far as back as the 17th century, the stones were “chiselled with the years of hardship and the initials of authors lost to history” in the midst of droughts that brought with them “bad harvest, lack of food, high prices and hunger for poor people”

6. Apocalyptic storm hits Italian coastline 

In terrifying footage originally shared on Facebook by Francesco Morandi, the “massive downburst” can be seen hitting the coast of Sestri Levante on 18th August. 

The northwestern city just south of Genoa was hit very hard this week, with huge hailstones and powerful winds shattering windows and dragging things onto railway tracks. 

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