Reputation Management With Mike Magolnick


With the advent of technology, socialization and the way people interact with each other has been changed forever. While it has made staying in touch with past and present friends more convenient, it has also made people vulnerable to scrutiny from society. For people and companies that have an image to protect, maintaining a good reputation has become more significant as negative news can spread like wildfire with social media.

As a globally recognized reputation management expert, Mike Magolnick has worked with various celebrities, athletes, and company executives for the last decade on improving their image. As a result, these people and companies increase their online and on-ground presence, boost their annual sales, and secure significant sponsorships. In expanding his reach and providing reputation management assistance to companies and individuals, he founded the Red Flag Image Company, a full-service reputation, image-building, and image repair firm.

Through his company, he protects brands, companies, leaders, executives, products, and services from misleading and, in many cases, fraudulent online posts, reviews, images, videos, and other harmful items that challenge their credibility. With Mike’s quick response and expert advice, his clients swiftly resolved publicity issues.

Over the past seven years, he and his team worked with hundreds of companies and executives, as well as numerous celebrities to help with reputation issues. In many cases, Mike has been in the position of PR lead/publicist for specific clients, helping to personally navigate the world of reputation management and consult on various vital issues.

At the forefront of numerous crises for his clients, Mike uses his practical experience and well-developed intuition to mold the reputation of his clients. Since the introduction of social media, Mike saw its potential to become a marketing tool. Coupled with his traditional marketing knowledge, he devised marketing strategies that are customized according to each client’s needs. He continually expands his network by connecting with business and political leaders, celebrities, and global thought leaders.

As a marketing and social media pioneer, he has been recognized for years as one of the top 100 global entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. He also practices what he preaches having previously run two public companies, being a CEO in one and a COO in the other. Furthermore, he has been acknowledged as an expert in technology, having been interviewed and appearing in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, American Venture Magazine, Direct Selling News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the American Business Journal.

Being a three-time best-selling author, he shares reputation management secrets that individuals and companies can use to defend themselves against attacks on their image. His book, Tweet Tweet Boom, instantly became a best seller and has been used in schools, churches, and various organizations as a guide to help people stay protected.

“People now are emboldened to say whatever they want online about a company, an individual, a product, a service, or a brand even if it’s not true”, says Mike. With his traditional and social media marketing expertise, he made it his mission to develop new strategies along with proven services for his clients and business partners to overcome the challenges associated with online reputation.

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