Santa Rosa County preparing for share of $866M internet improvements


As counties across Florida seek ways to improve internet speed and access for small or rural communities, Santa Rosa County seems to be well ahead of the curve.

Officials spearheading local technology teams across Florida met for the first time last week to talk through the funding process to distribute more than $866 million for broadband improvements and to strategize ways to build the teams, which are meant to ensure that all Floridians have quality internet access.

Kiwanis Curry, program manager for the Florida Office of Broadband, said 22 of the state’s 67 counties are actively involved with a local technology planning team and about half of those have notified the office of their work.

“So, essentially when the legislation put into statute that you’re supposed to go out and build and facilitate the local technology planning teams, the purpose was not to be a burden to counties,” Curry said.