See The Terrifying AI-Powered Tank With Massive Firepower


By Doug Norrie
| 16 seconds ago

It’s always tough to tell if weapons designers and artificial intelligence experts have seen none of the movies or all of the movies. It can’t really be anything in between, at least not based on what’s been coming out recently with technological updates starting to catch up with our worst-case scenarios from disaster flicks. The robots are going to take over. It’s not really a matter of if, but rather when. That’s the feeling you are going to get even more now when you see the latest addition to the military weapon ranks. It’s an AI-powered tank that looks like it can take out a whole neighborhood (or more) without a human really ever having to get involved in the slightest.

The AI-powered tank is from the world-ending companies of Estonian Robotics and Milrem Robotics (via Futurism) who have created something truly terrifying and powerful. It’s a fully-armed tank replete with just about every piece of firepower imaginable and it was made for one purpose only: to cause maximum damage without pesky humans getting in the way of the mission. The claim is that the AI-powered tank keeps humans out of harm’s way. And I suppose that’s at least the central idea to start. But how long before this thing just “realizes” that humans are the biggest problem out there? Check out the AI-powered tank in action.

The AI-powered tank is named the Type-X and has been in development for the last couple of years. The basic premise and goal of the unit is to provide support for troops in the area with the intention of sending this tank in first to particularly dangerous areas so as to not compromise actual troops on the ground. It also has what they are calling a “follow me” setting that allows the AI-powered tank to work in part of general formations, whether it be establishing defense positions or just rolling along with the convoy. 

As it stands now, this AI-powered tank is operated through a hybrid combination of artificial intelligence and a remote operator who is a safe distance away from the vehicle. I say “for now” because who knows how long it will be before this thing is out hunting and killing of its own volition. Again, we’ve seen how this movie plays out in the past. And it’s almost never good. Combine artificial intelligence with weapon systems and you’ve got the plot of any number of science fiction classics.

And if you think we aren’t coming close to full Terminator mode here with recent technological upgrades like an AI-powered tank, I’ll kindly point you to the group who just developed living skin that can be placed over robotic skeletons. That’s right folks. We’ve got the whole Terminator starter kit about to be put into action before it’s all said and done. These things aren’t going to slow down so we might as well just begin to accept our robot overlords. Should be a wild ride. Eat your heart out James Cameron.