Skywatchers see SpaceX’s Dragon cargo craft streak across the night sky as it returned to Earth


Late Thursday night (Sept. 30) in the southeastern United States, anybody looking up could have glimpsed a brilliant streak, trailing down into the Atlantic Ocean off Florida’s east coast. It was actually a SpaceX Dragon cargo resupply spacecraft returning to Earth after a trip to the International Space Station (ISS).

The Dragon, which flew to the ISS as part of SpaceX’s 23rd cargo resupply mission for NASA (CRS-23), had been in space since August. It went to the ISS carrying several tons of supplies, equipment and science experiments for the Expedition 65 crew. Those experiments included a student project from Hasselt University in Belgium and the island country of Malta’s first-ever contribution to the ISS: probing the microbes inside the skin of foot ulcers.



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