SW OKC Neighborhood Surveys Damage After The Early Morning Tornado


Neighbors are reporting widespread damage from early Wednesday morning’s storms including roofs ripped down to the studs in the western parts of the metro.

One neighborhood near Mustang was hit hard by Wednesday morning’s tornado.

“It was scary,” said one neighbor. “Never experienced a tornado like that.”

Neighbors are now left picking up the pieces after a tornado touched ground in a neighborhood near SW 44th and Czech Hall Road.

“We were woken up by things hitting the house and winds and just lots of noise,” one neighbor said.

The tornado left some homes with parts of their roof torn off and fences could be seen knocked over with debris scattered across people’s yards. 

One person said it went from sounding like a normal storm to loud crashing noises in a matter of moments. Many took shelter.

“We jump out of bed and meet the kids in the living room because they were woken up too and we all got in the closet with the dogs and just kind of hunkered down,” one neighbor said.

The News 9 weather team said the tornado first touched ground in the area before making its way through the Oklahoma City metro.  

One person, who lives just a few streets away, said he was woken up by his phone and immediately heard the sirens go off, followed by some heavy wind.

“I went outside in the morning, just grass, limbs everywhere,” said Jacob Adams. “A big ordeal, kind of shocked that all this happened really.”

Another neighbor even had their pickup rolled on its side

One of the houses next door also had part of their roof damaged, and their fence was knocked over. The items on their back patio were scattered across their yard.

No one was hurt during the storm. Neighbors came together to help clean up the neighborhood.



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