The Callisto Protocol Season Pass Isn’t Holding Back Content From Game


Contrary to some borderline absurd headlines yesterday, The Callisto Protocol Season Pass isn’t “holding back” content from the main game. A day ago, Reddit users discovered the game’s updated Season Pass information on its Steam page, which mentioned 13 new death animations for the game’s protagonist as part of the Season Pass’ Contagion bundle. This spurred numerous headlines implying that Striking Distance Studios is cutting content from the main game to lock it behind the Season Pass. Not quite.

The Callisto Protocol Season Pass content hasn’t been produced yet

Striking Distance boss Glen Schofield tweeted what we already mentioned in our article yesterday: the Season Pass introduces “new” content and the game itself is complete as it is. Players will get the full experience whether they choose to make an additional purchase or not. The Contagion bundle introduces a new mode, and with the new mode the developer plans to add new death animations. All of this content has yet to be produced.

“To be clear: We’re not holding anything back from the main game for the season pass,” Schofield wrote. “We haven’t even started work on this content yet. It’s all new stuff that we’ll be working on in the new year. Fans have asked for EVEN MORE deaths, so we’re making it a priority next year.”

Rest assured, no one’s chopping off bits and pieces of The Callisto Protocol and locking it away.