There’s a 360° Daft Punk-Inspired Show Coming to Los Angeles’ Largest VR Dome –


In virtual reality, anything is possible—even a live performance from electronic music’s most legendary robot duo.

Sadly, fans around the world were robbed of the opportunity to ever experience Random Access Memories in a live setting given Daft Punk‘s shocking breakup in 2021. However, in Los Angeles’ Wisdome, a sprawling, 12,000-square foot VR venue, there’s an opportunity to experience what alternatively could have been if history played out differently.

“CONTACT” is a special Daft Punk tribute unlike any other. The show marks an opportunity to experience a unique performance played within a 3D LED cube stage, similar to the iconic pyramid the duo famously played in during their Alive 2007 tour. The 360° show is complete with immersive visuals that bring the Grammy Award-winning Random Access Memories album to life.