THIS is how ‘last selfie’ taken on earth will look like, predicts AI


Ever wondered, what the “last selfie” taken on this planet may look like? Well, Artificial Intelligence is the answer to your question.

A series of haunting images were posted on TikTok by ‘Robot Overloads,’ and it shows what “last selfies” taken on Earth may look like as depicted by an AI image generator.

As per the video shared on the short video hosting platform, the account asked AI image generator to show what “the selfie of the end of the world” would look like. The images produced by the generator, DALL-E 2, show apocalyptic scenes.

The creepy stills showed a disfigured human with elongated fingers and oversized eyes.

Take a look:

Image credit- Twitter/Tom-Tarek Sharz
Image credit- Twitter/Tom-Tarek Sharz

If the AI is correct to even some extent, then the terrified faces of the men surrounded by explosions are proof that the end of the world isn’t going to be pretty. In fact, there is a possibility that humans will become the reason for their destruction themselves.

Here’s how netizens reacted:

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