Top Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy in 2021


Analytics Insight features some of the top quantum computing stocks to buy in 2021

There is ample scope for quantum computing in the nearby tech-driven future across the world. Quantum computing companies have identified the core field of research in physics with qubits and quantum mechanics to discover some unapproachable and complex issues with the highest speed. Multiple countries are participating in the highly competitive quantum computing race to be at the top while investing millions of dollars in quantum research and technology. Meanwhile, investors are becoming highly interested to invest their money and time in rising and popular tech stocks as well as quantum computing stocks. Investment in quantum computing stocks tends to drive high revenue without potential loss in the future. Let’s explore some of the top quantum computing stocks in 2021 that are profitable with the rising growth of quantum technology, according to Yahoo! Finance.




Current price: US$199.50

Market cap: US$497.15 billion

NVIDIA Corporation is leading the tech race with GPUs, AI chips, as well as quantum computing while operating as a visual computing company across the globe. It is one of the top quantum computing stocks for investors to buy in 2021 The company operates in two segments— graphics and computer networking. The NVIDIA platform tends to accelerate the quantum circuit simulation ecosystem on GPUs that multiple researchers and developers have started utilizing the NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK for further development in quantum computing. It serves a diverse range of industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, energy, education, manufacturing, robotics, smart cities, supercomputing, and many more. NVIDIA also ran a leading-edge quantum simulation on its in-house AI supercomputer known as Selene. It expects the performance to enhance the speed and use of cuQuantum in every quantum computing framework for accurate quantum research.



Current price: US$233.74

Market cap: US$161.37 billion

Honeywell is emerging as the leader in quantum computing companies and is keen to showcase its quantum computing technology to the world. Its quantum computer can be accessed through Microsoft Azure Cloud. Honeywell announced the partnership with Cambridge Quantum Computing to focus on software for quantum computers. The company is popular for its focus on reshaping the adoption and integration of quantum information systems into multiple industries. The quantum technology tends to enable high-quality qubits that can be rearranged and interacted with to enhance algorithm opportunities. Thus, it is one of the emerging quantum computing stocks in 2021 to drive revenue in the nearby future.



Current price: US$143.59

Market cap: US$128.70 billion

IBM Quantum computing is well-known to be leading the world in quantum computing with an aim to solve complex problems. The full quantum stack enables multiple partners to explore quantum solutions efficiently and effectively. The full-stack delivers the best of IBM’s quantum computing systems with quantum software tools, simulators, and cloud services. IBM Quantum is the industry-first initiative to develop universal quantum computers for business, engineering, and science. The IBM Quantum for researchers program also allows academic researchers to perform advance scientific work in quantum and help members of the quantum information science community.



Current price: US$328.25

Market cap: US$208.15 billion

Accenture is one of the leading quantum computing companies that has been awarded the second U.S. patent for quantum computing. The Accenture Labs have started working with Biogen to apply quantum computing to boost the drug discovery process. The lab examines the science behind quantum computing and its potential use cases by multiple industries. It is focused on running investigations and experiments on the largest gate model quantum computers available to date.


Quantum Computing Inc.

Current price: US$6.70

Market cap: US$193.33 million

Quantum Computing Inc. is a classical and quantum software vendor providing quantum techniques to boost the performance of classical as well as quantum computations. It acts as a quantum assist for business optimization problems with a wide range of solutions. The flagship solution, known as Qatalyst, is ready-to-run software for empowering subject matter experts and end-users to leverage the power of quantum techniques. Qatalyst is known as the industry’s only quantum application accelerator.


Quantum Numbers Corporation

Current price: US$0.2800

Market cap: US$28.54 million

Quantum Numbers Corporation is well-known for launching the world’s first circuit-sized Quantum Random Number Generators to secure mobile and internet transactions, IoT communication, and many more. It is focused on developing the next-gen of quantum-safe encryption.  The innovative and patented solution utilizes a quantum solution known as quantum tunneling to produce truly random numbers. Quantum computers cannot crack these randomized codes. The company works with partners to adapt to the quantum-safe technology across multiple industries such as financial, mobile, and internet telecommunication, as well as the military.

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